Consultancy In Real State

Are you making the best decisions to preserve and optimize your real estate assets?

We understand the importance of taking care of your heritage completely. Thus, Mogno Capital also offers real estate consulting services.


We assess your portfolio and define the best strategies for each property, also helping to develop new businesses.

In case of trading, we interface with brokers and investors. For leased properties, contracts and negotiations are managed, in addition to the monitoring of tenants and payment management.

Real Estate

Study of the real estate market for structuring investment strategies and coordinating competition and commercialization processes.


Survey, update and regularization of documents and licenses. Contract management, relationship with tenants, representation of the owner in negotiations, structural maintenance of the property and coordination of works.

Illiquid Real
Estate Investments

Structuring and coordinating real estate development and retrofit projects, creating new investment options in the segment.


Competitive Advantages

We understand the specifics of each property and the expectations of each client. Our integration between consulting teams and real estate fund management provides a complete analysis of market trends in different segments.